Dropping a Kumbhar Wala Matka, no.8

Abbas Galwani, a Kumbhar Wala living and working in Dharavi, drops a traditional Indian Matka while the vessel is still wet. The act creates a unique form that symbolises his denouncement of cultural structures that restrict his social mobility.


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In India, the Kumbhar Wala (potter) is among the lower castes, meaning that these craftspeople, who make functional objects serving millions of Indians on a daily basis, do not earn the respect that they deserve for their role within Indian society. Kumbhar Walas work extremely long hours, making thousands of thrown objects every day, and the remuneration received for their many hours of toil is no where near that of higher, more traditionally educated castes.

Trent Jansen
Dropping a Kumbhar Wala Matka #8, 2016
45 x 35 x 25 cm
unique, in a series of 10

Produced in Dharavi, Mumbai, India
Fabricated by Abbas Galwani

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Dimensions 25 × 35 × 45 cm

Trent Jansen