ORCH_210424 is a video animation and soundtrack, with visual elements generated in response to a live sonic performance by Piper as The Orchestra of Us.

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One of many of Piper’s artistic outputs is his experimental approach to durational guitar performance. In this piece, with Piper working under his moniker The Orchestra of Us, an evolving and immersive guitar and effects composition becomes the engine that shifts and changes a visual interplay between graphical elements designed by Piper and an abstracted visual recording of his musical performance.

For Piper the work invites the audience to consider the role of acceptance, with the acceptance of the unexpected, abstract and encompassing qualities of the audio-visual interplay being metaphors for embracing acceptance in making our way in a world; balancing between ancient histories and contemporary encounter, between ourselves, others and those that came before us.

Marcus Piper
ORCH_210424, 2024
colour digital video, sound
Edition of 5 + 2AP