X Bench

X Bench is a functional sculpture and seat made from copper, using electroplating to achieve both its iridescent blue wash and the geologically-inspired detailing that engulfs one tip.


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With X Bench, Bastianon continues his range of furniture that evokes continual growth and material change. In this work, experimentation with electroplating copper has led Bastianon to produce an object of contrasts, between the deep browns of the underlying copper with iridescent blue, which appears as a wash of colour across the bench. In addition, the smooth surface and simplified, bold lines of the piece, producing an X from above, are complicated by a specific area at the end of one crosspiece, where coral-like architectures seemingly erupt. These invite close looking and have rounded, pearlescent qualities.

The resulting work appears to hover between states, inviting curiosity about the form it will eventually become, yet it sits perfectly in stasis as a functional piece of furniture.

Elliot Bastianon
X Bench, 2023
45 x 120 x 120 cm
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Dimensions 45 × 120 × 120 cm

Elliot Bastianon